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Synfig Studio: again on the road

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

After some months of incertidumbre, I’m happy to share with you that Synfig proyect is again on the road. There has been some code improvements lately that goes from a new unified Rotate/Scale/Translate tool to a great improvement in stability in the windows version.

Aslo we are looking forward to a new host solution that hopefully aid us to grow in a proper way. At the moment we still at

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Synfig challenges

In Synfig forum we use to do a monthly challenge to keep the usage of Synfig. This is the last challenge entry I’ve done. I tis completely created with Synfig. The intention was to use the random capabilities of Synfig.


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Mr. Moloch

Mr. Moloch

Mr. Moloch

This is the new face of Mr. Moloch. I’ve simplified the face making it easier to animate and draw. Also I’ve tried to give it a “mad looking”. I think that the ears are quite big but I like them that way. I will trace to Synfig and see how does it look. I want to test some different expressions over it to definitively select this face.

The color is something pending. Maybe I paint it with a weird color to make it different. Aslo I would like to paint its mouth of different color, like its stomach. I’m enjoying it!.

Again, Krita and a piece of paper on the tablet were my best partners.

Mr. Shipwrecked

This character has been rounding my head a lot of time. This is going to be the main character of a set of adventures of a shipwrecked in an island. But he is not alone. There will be a partner that would make his l(already difficult life) a hell. Most of the time the problems comes on search and obtain food (look how thin is he).


This is a first sketch. Maybe can suffer some variations and simplifications. Let’s see where do I arrive with this.

I used Krita to create it and I plan to trace in Synfig to animate it.

New banner

I’ve done a new banner for the blog. Used synfig to produce the image. I hope you like it. At last it is more interesting that the default image, isn’t it?

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