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Mr. Moloch

Mr. Moloch

Mr. Moloch

This is the new face of Mr. Moloch. I’ve simplified the face making it easier to animate and draw. Also I’ve tried to give it a “mad looking”. I think that the ears are quite big but I like them that way. I will trace to Synfig and see how does it look. I want to test some different expressions over it to definitively select this face.

The color is something pending. Maybe I paint it with a weird color to make it different. Aslo I would like to paint its mouth of different color, like its stomach. I’m enjoying it!.

Again, Krita and a piece of paper on the tablet were my best partners.


The partner of Mr. Shipwrecked

April 24, 2009 5 comments

Here I present the partner of Mr. Shipwrecked. This cat would make the life very annoying to our lonely man. cat2

But it is not a mad animal. It is just a question of good luck and opportunity.

Opposite to our Shipwrecked man, this can looks fat, happy and funny. So, do you understand now why our man “hates” this partner? Anyway our man never would make any damage to this lovely cat because it is the only real partner he has.

I have to define what’s its color. Also I’m not so happy with the eyes. But the most important thing is to make it easy to animate.

It hasn’t a name yet. Hmmm, I have to think on one for it. Anny suggestions?

I did it mainly on Krita.

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