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Synfig challenges

In Synfig forum we use to do a monthly challenge to keep the usage of Synfig. This is the last challenge entry I’ve done. I tis completely created with Synfig. The intention was to use the random capabilities of Synfig.


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New sketches

May 13, 2009 3 comments

I’ve been drawing random stuff with my wacom and krita. Here are some of them:

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Mr. Moloch

Mr. Moloch

Mr. Moloch

This is the new face of Mr. Moloch. I’ve simplified the face making it easier to animate and draw. Also I’ve tried to give it a “mad looking”. I think that the ears are quite big but I like them that way. I will trace to Synfig and see how does it look. I want to test some different expressions over it to definitively select this face.

The color is something pending. Maybe I paint it with a weird color to make it different. Aslo I would like to paint its mouth of different color, like its stomach. I’m enjoying it!.

Again, Krita and a piece of paper on the tablet were my best partners.

Enjoying wacom tablet

April 24, 2009 4 comments

I use a wacom Graphire to draw in the computer. Since I get it, never felt comfortable drawing with it. The feed back loop hand-wacom-screen-eye was not satisfactory. This evening something has changed.

First I put a piece of of paper between the wacom surface and the pencil. The paper feeling helped me heaps to increase productivity. Also I managed to change the body position in front of the screen and the wacom. Befre today I had the wacom just as much close to me as possible. It made me very difficult to coordinate the had movements and the eye feed back. I’ve just elonged my arms a bit and separated the wacom from my body. Not much but enough to make more “similar” the hand movement and the visual feedback.

The result was very intresting and I wanted to share with you.

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