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Synfig: New Release Schedule

It is time for a new Synfig release! There have been some improvements that have been included in the development branch of synfig code. Although some of the improvements are very interesting, this time we have decided to just release a minor change so the release number will be 0.62.01.

Those are the main changes from 0.62.00 version:

  • Improved stability for Windows version using now (optionally) a single thread render system.
  • New Tool “Transform” which replace Normal Tool. Unified rotate – translate- scale tool.
  • New standard GTK cursors for Scale, Rotate, Mirror, Smooth Move, Text, Rectangle and Star tools.
  • Some improvements in SVG import module
  • Add ffmpeg video codec and bitrate support at render time
  • New Italian translation
  • New icons for layers and parameters
  • Some bug fixing

The schedule for the release will be like this:

  1. Splash screen for the new version contest started on March and will end in April 30th.
  2. During the last week of April, code will be frozen for new features and a candidate release will be out. Call for translators
  3. During first week of May there will be the Splash screen contest voting pool. A new release candidate including latest code modification and translation will be out.
  4. During second week of May the final release of 0.62.01 will be out.

The Synfig Project team is also working hard on Documentation restructure and wiki update. Any help on that is welcome.

Also a Code reorganization has been started towards 0.63.00 version.

Wish us good luck!!

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