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Konstantin Dmitriev, artist, director and leader.

February 24, 2010 1 comment

Konstatin Dmitriev (aka Zelgadis) is the leader and main animator, designer and director of the Morevna Project, the first 2D Open featured Movie in the world. This project is an special case of study. Using only Free/Open Source Software it has the aim to create a featured film. In the production pipeline there are used several well known tools: Pencil for rough drawings and animatic shots, Synfig for animatic composition and vectorized 2D animation, Blender for final composition, special effects and 3D environment in some scenes, Gimp/Krita for coloring and shading conceptual keyframes  and gnu/make and vorbis-tools as helpers for the project render.

Without any external financial and with only the help of some friends, he has created a very interesting project that will be a total success.

All the project sources are released under Creative Commons license so anyone is welcome to contribute. As all the sources of the project are available, he has settled  a git repository to control all the changes of the project and from which easily any one can retrieve all the files and just ‘make’ the whole animation if the proper tools have been installed. Also, for project management he has created a wiki and maintains a blog for the main news of the Morevna Project.  Even more, he has created his own universal packaging for the main production tools (pencil, synfig, blender) to be sure that all contributors have the proper tool available.

Konstantine is also a very active member of Synfig community and I am personally a fan of all what he does. His enthusiasm, persistence, nice humor, and all his knowledge, make him a valuable partner to care of.  I’m proud to have him as friend.

He has moved and installed the wiki, forum and joomla databases that holds Synfig Project into the new host ( Even more, he has created some DLP macros that are helping to reorganize the wiki and to help to translate it in any language, in an easier way.

In a few words, he is exceptional.

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