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Things that you may need

Ok, so let’s start.

To be an animator you’ll need:

  1. Patience.
  2. Imagination.
  3. Observation abilities.
  4. Perseverance.
  5. And finally, lots of paper an pencils.

Really!. If you think that having a computer a the most cutting edge animation software would help you on become a good animator, you’re wrong. Anyway it will be crazy, or at last not productive, to try to do an animation without the help of the computer.

Seriously, this is the list of things I consider you should have todedicate to the animation:

  • Paper and pencil: Most of the animations start with a draft, an idea. Use them!. You can also use the computer directly if you feel confortable doing that way. But nowadays most of the people uses the pencil and the paper for drafts. Later I’ll dig into the best options of paper and pencil.
  • Scanner. Any kind of scanner would help. It is just for convert your artwork to digital media that can be uploaded to the computer. In other moment I’ll study what’s the better size for each occasion.
  • Software. The decision of what kind of software you need is not a simple question. Basically you’ll need:
    • A Word Processor for Screenplay and  Storyboard tasks.
    • An Image Manipulation Program. Even if you use the paper and pencil it will be the first application you’ll use after import it to the computer. It is a fantastic tool for color management.
    • An animation software. This tool is a key. Choose it carefully. Specially the output capabilities are the most important of its features. Or do you want to open the render output into other application to obtain the final format result?
    • A Compositor: even if your animation has not sound you’ll need to mount all the scenes into a continuous stream before release them all. It must have non linear edition capabilities.
    • A Sound Recording software. You’ll have sometime the need to create a dialog based on the screenplay. You can have the need of record the voices of the actors.
    • A Sound mixer and special FX generator. Maybe you can use your video compositor for mixing tracks and the sound effects can be obtained already created, but in some cases you need to create the sound effects artificially or use a live record and a effect software to obtain the desired result.
  • Audio devices: microphone, mixer.
  • A computer: The faster, the best. Animation involves some hard tasks like image render, sound mixing, vodeo composition, video encoding, etc. that will be much more satisfactory if the computer is fast enough.

In the tool page you can find all the ones I’ve collected that satisfy my desires.

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